4 Tips to Keep Your Business Engine Running (My Interview with The Detroit News)

I recently sat down with The Detroit News to discuss my personal role models, how I got my start in the automotive business, my role as a female CEO in a predominantly male field and the day-to day challenges of running two large companies.

Listen to the full Detroit News podcast here. 

As CEO of Sure Solutions and Lucerne International I’ve been tasked with great responsibility. But it’s the people I’ve surrounded myself with that ultimately allows me to successfully take charge in the driver’s seat.

Tips to Keep Your Business Engine Running

Take a moment to consider this statement: if the CEO is driving the car and moving the steering wheel, then the staff is the oil allowing the engine to run smoothly. The key to running a successful business is understanding how to keep the engine running at all times. People often ask me what my single greatest career achievement is, and my answer is always this: keeping Sure Solutions alive during the 2008 financial crisis and not laying off a single employee.

My tips below are 4 very simple principles that my staff and I follow each and every day:

  1. Have Passion
  2. Be Driven
  3. Be Responsive
  4. Be Dynamic