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David Okonoski recently joined the Lucerne International team this past summer and has firmly grasped on to the core values put in place by Mary Buchzeiger, President and CEO, and the executive and production team.

David believes that core values provide consistency and security and says, “when we find ourselves in situations that are urgent, we must quickly process complex information and make decisions. In addition to acting as a compass to help guide us, our core values are the rock on which to hammer out potential solutions.”

The team at Lucerne asks themselves the following questions when they think they’ve approached the right answer:

  • Passionate about our Purpose – Does the answer align with and further us towards our purpose?
  • Driven to be the Best – How does the answer set us apart? Could others do more than we have?
  • Dynamic is our Destination – Have we looked at the problem from all angles to arrive at the best answer?
  • Respond Swiftly and Positively – Did we beat the clock? Can we take pride in the answer we’ve provided?

Lucerne empowers the team to bring their best every day and strives to create an environment where the core values of Passionate, Driven, Dynamic and Respond can thrive.


Lucerne International Partners With Detroit Cristo Rey High School for Corporate Work Study Program

Lucerne International

Earlier this month, Lucerne International welcomed four Cristo Rey High School students in grades 9 through 12 as part of the school’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). This program provides students with real world job experience, which allows them to supplement their tuition expenses. The program runs through the duration of the school year, giving the students a chance to build their professional portfolios.

The selected students participating in the program are Sierra (12th grade), Crystal (11th grade), Jennyfer (10th grade) and Deniqua (9th grade). Each student dedicates one day (a total of 8 hours) each week, rotating every Friday, to perform a variety of duties and learn new skills to be successful in the workplace.

Jennifer Nitz, VP of Strategic Development at Lucerne, works closely with the students and provides an environment for mentorship and exploration. Jennifer says, “We are thrilled to be part of a program where we can help create excitement and awareness in this present day of manufacturing. To be able to cultivate and train the next generation of our skilled workforce is a priority for Lucerne.”

The Lucerne family is thrilled to be a part of the students’ journey and look forward to equipping the students for personal and professional success.

Lucerne International 2018 Internship Program

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The Lucerne International internship program aims to inspire young minds who are interested in and passionate about the manufacturing industry. This summer,  Lucerne had the pleasure of hosting two outstanding interns from University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

Throughout the summer, our interns were responsible for measuring and reviewing parts, sorting through data and rewriting instructions for fixtures, training the operators on how to use the fixtures and more.

The hard-working Engineering Interns, Jared and Cryserica, worked toward their dreams and grew as young professionals right before our very own eyes! We had a chance to talk to Jared about his experience at the growing company this summer. Check out his responses below!

How long have you interned at Lucerne? 

I have been interning at Lucerne International for 3 months.

How would you describe your time at Lucerne?

My time at Lucerne has been nothing less than great! Through hands-on learning I was able to gain experience in manufacturing coupled with exploring the design of different assemblies to the automotive industry.

What was the best part of your internship? 

The best part of the internship was the interaction, the communication  and working in a team environment.

What did you learn throughout your time in the Lucerne internship program? 

Throughout the internship I learned that networking and being able to understand and communicate with others are important for any field and vital skills to help further any career.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I love sports.

Why did you choose to go into the field of manufacturing?
I chose manufacturing because of the hands-on, project management and technical expertise that is required. I love being able to see what it is that I’m helping build come to life.

How do you think Lucerne helped you grow as a professional?

Lucerne has impacted me not only as a professional, by giving me the opportunity to further apply my skills, but it helped me grow as an individual within my own experiences. I have gained confidence in what I can do and contribute to the organization as a whole.

What advice would you give to those starting out as interns as to how they can succeed in their role? 

My one advice that I would give is that you make your internship meaningful. It’s up to you to make it impactful. But don’t forget to enjoy all of the experiences along the way!

Employee Spotlight – Hari Menon

Lucerne International

For this month’s employee spotlight, we’re excited to feature our new Quality Manager, Hari Menon! Hari brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 23 years with General Motors and as a former consultant with OM Group, LLC. Hari is responsible for the development of Operational Quality Systems, implementation of  International Automotive Task Force, Advanced Product Quality Planning and directing the quality assurance program.

His day-to-day responsibilities include working closely with suppliers to ensure they’re able to respond to customer issues in a timely manner, developing reporting techniques for data collected internally to management and to the production floor, developing and implementing quality assurance methodologies and processes along with ensuring process capability for future programs.

 A fun fact about Hari: He is the author of the book TQM in New Product Manufacturing. The book discusses how manufacturers can successfully and efficiently adjust to technological changes and touches on how both engineers and managers can systematize the adjustment process by using techniques to reduce variation, and thereby reduce cost. A great read written by a great mind!

In his spare time, Hari enjoys sharing his expertise with aspiring minds as an operations management professor at Oakland University. He is an amateur marathon runner and has participated in the Rochester Hills half marathon – “Brooksie Way” – for the past three years with plans to race again this year. He also has a love for the outdoors, spending his most recent hiking expedition climbing to the last two miles of Mount Evans with his daughter.

Overall, we’re thrilled to have Hari on our team and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in the years to come.

Lucerne International 2018 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair Event Overview

Lucerne International

The 2018 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair, the largest of its kind in the United States, held at Cobo Center in Detroit, MI was attended by over 3,500 attendees and included three days of robust programming, conference lectures and presentations. This conference is designed for Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs); senior executives and procurement representatives. The conference focused on partnering with other organizations whose missions align with the WBENC’s vision of expanding women’s business opportunities in the global marketplace.

Lucerne International was thrilled to be exhibitors at this year’s event alongside hundreds of other companies such as Google, Facebook, Delta and more. From automotive manufacturing to printing and retail, the wide range of women owned and WBE certified businesses at this fair made us proud to be among so many talented entrepreneurs and innovators.

Overall, our experience at the 2018 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair was one that we will never forget. We are already looking forward to next year!

Lucerne International Named One of Michigan’s Top 50 Companies to Watch

Lucerne International

More than 400 companies applied and only 50 were chosen to be named as Michigan’s Top 50 Companies to Watch presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. We’re honored to announce that our team was one of the 50 selected by one of the most prestigious small business award programs in the state.

The program’s mission is to honor and recognize Michigan’s small businesses and the people that support them. It was a delightful moment to network with other business owners and top executives who share similar values, and dedicate their resources to giving back to Michigan’s economy. There were many conversations floating around the room, but the most important one was discussing ways we can continue to work with each other to help drive economic success now and in the future.

After an hour full of great conversations and getting to know other small business owners, we proceeded to take our seats for the award ceremony that followed. This ceremony truly showcased how big of an impact small businesses have on the Michigan economy. During the award ceremony, it was announced that the awardees had generated a combined $888 million in revenue in 2017 and had a combined 83% increase in jobs over the last four years. One by one the awardees walked down the red carpet to accept their awards, including our CEO Mary Buchzeiger, who accepted the award on behalf of Lucerne. After the last awardee joined the others on stage, the audience gave a huge applause that filled the room with a standing ovation.

The Lucerne family is proud to be a part of the small business community here in Michigan, and we only hope that we can make an even bigger impact in the years to come. We will continue to proudly serve you and give back to this great community that we call home.



Employee Spotlight – Shaquia Warren

Lucerne International

We are excited to spotlight Shaquia Warren, Production Supervisor at Lucerne International. Shaquia Warren is best known for being an all-around team player. In 2014, she started her career at Lucerne International as a table lead and has worked diligently to advance in her career.  She has continuously proven to be a valuable team member to the Lucerne family by exhibiting dedication to the company, through her strong work ethic and her ability to encourage and uplift those around her. Her day-to-day responsibilities include, overseeing the manufacturing and shipping process to ensure maximum efficiency as well as delegating, managing, planning, scheduling and approving daily production workload.

At a young age, Shaquia found her love for manufacturing. Inspired by her mother and stepfather who both worked in the industry, she was motivated by their drive and admiration for the manufacturing field, and knew she wanted to explore the industry in her own right and follow after her family’s footsteps.

To the younger generation looking to begin a career in manufacturing, Shaquia encourages individuals to remain humble and be open to change. With advancements in technology and product materials, change in direction can occur at the drop of a dime!

Shaquia is the recipient of Lucerne’s 2017 President’s Award – an award given out to an employee to spotlight efforts taken that go above and beyond.

We are thrilled to announce her promotion to Production Supervisor – a role in which she has been active in for the past month.

Lucerne International CEO Inspires Michigan Students

Lucerne International


We’ve all been asked one time or another, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many will say they want to be lawyers, teachers, police officers and athletes. What’s missing from the conversation are careers like mathematician, chemist, art director, automotive supplier and careers surrounding the STEM fields. Lucerne International CEO Mary Buchzeiger is passionate about supporting students who aspire to reach career heights, and helping them explore careers they didn’t even know existed. So when Mary was asked to sit on a panel of STEM professionals, her immediate answer was yes.

Message from the CEO: Mary Buchzeiger’s Keys to Achieve Ultimate Success

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On a warmer than usual, mid-February afternoon in Detroit, Michigan, nearly 50 influential, involved and driven members of Inforum’s womens’ organization, SE Downtown Detroit Luncheon Affinity Group, gathered for an afternoon at a vibrant gastro pub, Central Kitchen + Bar. Mary Buchzeiger crafted a Valentine’s Day message of inspiration to the group.

The People Behind The Parts

Lucerne International

Year after year, the Motor City comes alive when the North American International Auto show makes its Detroit debut. This year, over 112,000 people attended the show’s opening day and according to Tyrel Linkhorn, of “The Blade” the 2018 Jeep Wrangler had no trouble drawing crowds.

Fiat Chrysler revamped a classic with the 2018 Wrangler and according to Christian Seabough of “Motor Trend”, Jeep’s goal when designing this vehicle “was to balance the dueling demands of those who buy Wranglers to adventure off-road and those who buy ’em to drive around town because they look cool.”

From its removable roof features to the familiar clean-cut lines elevated with attention to design, Jeep has taken this vehicle to the next level with upgrades that are not only aesthetic, but also increase durability, safety, and more. Let’s take a journey with the parts that make up the Jeep Wrangler and learn how this vehicle is manufactured, starting from its smallest part.

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