David Okonoski

David Okonoski

David Okonoski brings over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management to his current role as the Chief Operating Officer and interim CFO at Lucerne International.

Before joining Lucerne in 2018, David served as Vice-President and General Manager of an automotive dealership group, where he led day-to-day operations and drove sales growth and profitability. Prior to that, he played a pivotal role in the development and launch of the automotive hybrid battery system while serving roles in key account management and as the purchasing director at SBLiMotive (formerly Cobasys). He also spent several years in various leadership roles at General Motors, where he led successful cross-functional teams and spearheaded initiatives that improved operational efficiency and reduced costs.

In his role at Lucerne, David provides the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.
He has a proven track record in strategic business plan development and has held roles with enterprise-wide P&L responsibility for over 15 years.

David is known for his attention to detail, driven attitude, and collaborative style of leadership. He uses his strengths to motivate and lead a collaborative, high-performance management team, and has created a positive work culture that has improved employee engagement and retention. His dedication to fostering a collaborative and success-oriented environment has instilled a sense of family within the organization, making him a positive role model for those around him.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a Masters of Science in Strategic Management from Indiana University. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, listening to music, and spending time with his wife and three children.

With his extensive experience in leadership and manufacturing, David is a key contributor to the success of Lucerne International and a valuable asset to the company’s team.