Lucerne International Hosts Wuxi Tool & Mould Trade Association

Last week, Lucerne International had the pleasure of hosting members of the China Wuxi Die and Mould Trade Association, a nationwide, industry-based and non-profit social organization, at our headquarters in Auburn Hills. Mary Buchzeiger, CEO at Lucerne International, gave the delegation a tour of the warehouse and discussed day-to-day manufacturing operations, as well as what she envisions for the future of not only the company, but of the manufacturing industry.
The delegation began with an introduction between Lucerne’s management team and the Association’s members, and from there, the guests proceeded to the warehouse for a tour and an in-depth look at the manufactured parts. Throughout the conversation, Mary discussed her decade-long business relationship with China and offered insight on her international business model in regards to the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Shortly following the tour, Mary sat down with the Association for refreshments, where she described her journey to becoming CEO of Lucerne International. The company is grateful for this opportunity to host such a distinguished international organization and looks forward to continuing the ongoing relationship with its members.