Lucerne International Named One of Michigan’s Top 50 Companies to Watch

More than 400 companies applied and only 50 were chosen to be named as Michigan’s Top 50 Companies to Watch presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. We’re honored to announce that our team was one of the 50 selected by one of the most prestigious small business award programs in the state.

The program’s mission is to honor and recognize Michigan’s small businesses and the people that support them. It was a delightful moment to network with other business owners and top executives who share similar values, and dedicate their resources to giving back to Michigan’s economy. There were many conversations floating around the room, but the most important one was discussing ways we can continue to work with each other to help drive economic success now and in the future.

After an hour full of great conversations and getting to know other small business owners, we proceeded to take our seats for the award ceremony that followed. This ceremony truly showcased how big of an impact small businesses have on the Michigan economy. During the award ceremony, it was announced that the awardees had generated a combined $888 million in revenue in 2017 and had a combined 83% increase in jobs over the last four years. One by one the awardees walked down the red carpet to accept their awards, including our CEO Mary Buchzeiger, who accepted the award on behalf of Lucerne. After the last awardee joined the others on stage, the audience gave a huge applause that filled the room with a standing ovation.

The Lucerne family is proud to be a part of the small business community here in Michigan, and we only hope that we can make an even bigger impact in the years to come. We will continue to proudly serve you and give back to this great community that we call home.



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