Marnie Boehlke

Marnie Boehlke began her career in the automotive world fifteen years ago, proudly representing Chevrolet as a new-production Product Specialist and Spokesperson. She had intensive training on all production Chevrolet vehicles, as well as Concept cars—notable the Chevy Volt, long before it was slated for production. In merely months, she was elevated to Team Leader and was prestigiously earmarked as a Corvette Specialist. She helped launched Chevrolet’s first compact SUV, the Equinox, now an industry leader and top-seller. 

Through the following years, Marnie Boehlke moved to represent Toyota for two years, during which time she was recognized as a Truck Specialist, during which time the Toyota Tundra won the coveted NAIAS Truck of the

Year award. Marnie Boehlke then returned “home” to General Motors, representing Buick, and helped launch the highly-acclaimed Buick Enclave.

Still strongly sourced with Chevrolet, Marnie Boehlke most recently returned to Chevrolet and toured to promote the heavily lauded, award-winning, re-designed Chevy Malibu. 

While Marnie Boehlke’s personal and professional passion is traveling, she planted her roots in 2010 and traded being the face and voice of auto-motion for a behind-the-scenes role in the automotive supply world. She began as the Operations Manager for Lucerne International, a tier-one global automotive company that has been a much recognized, reliable parts supplier to major automotive manufacturers for nearly two decades. As the company has grown, Marnie saw a need for a dedicated Material Scheduling Director and has focused her expertise on the planning and supply chain branch of the company to support the quick growth with her results-driven leadership and strong efficiency control.