Message from the CEO: Mary Buchzeiger’s Keys to Achieve Ultimate Success



On a warmer than usual, mid-February afternoon in Detroit, Michigan, nearly 50 influential, involved and driven members of Inforum’s womens’ organization, SE Downtown Detroit Luncheon Affinity Group, gathered for an afternoon at a vibrant gastro pub, Central Kitchen + Bar. Mary Buchzeiger crafted a Valentine’s Day message of inspiration to the group.

During the interactive conversation among the group, Mary touched on three main points that have led to success in her personal and work life. Each theme emphasized the importance of taking control over your own life and being accountable for your actions. The topics are outlined, below:

#1 Self Confidence:The discussion began with the topic of self-confidence. “Eliminate three words from your vocabulary right now, ‘just,’,‘hopefully’ and ‘sorry’.” By eliminating these sound bites, you can instantly start sounding more confident, which ultimately translates to your actions and daily interactions with others.

#2 Stop Caring About What People Think: Mary spoke of her own personal experiences in business and shared an important piece of advice. “Once you stop shaping yourselves around what you think others want to see, you are able to give yourself the freedom to stop holding back.” The key is to be true to who you are and stop letting the fear of failing or disappointing others dictate your freedom.

#3 Determine the Root of Fear: The last subject Mary touched on was fear. Fear is a learned behavior, but with guidance, you’re able to conquer those fears. “All fears are self-taught. By taking control, sitting back and thinking about what you are actually afraid of, you can determine the root of the fear and put yourself one step closer to conquering it.”

The afternoon concluded with a thoughtful group exercise where the women wrote down three goals they wanted to accomplish in the next 30 days, creating a physical timeline for each goal. Mary then encouraged them to solidify their goals by adding the dates to their calendars and sharing their thoughts with another woman, or “accountability partner” in the room. The partners were challenged to check in with one another over the next 30 days to track each other’s progress. The purpose of the exercise was for the women to get to know each other and hold one another accountable for accomplishing their set goals.

In conclusion, Mary advocates often that beliefs create reality and weaved this mantra in to the overall message of the afternoon. One final piece of advice spoken to the group was a quote by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

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