Stephanie currently serves as the Director of Human Resources at Lucerne International. Stephanie joined Lucerne in 2017, coming from the Deloitte Detroit office. As the Director of Human Resources, she is responsible for working with the management team in defining and implementing training, recruiting, compensation performance management, employee engagement & development, compliance, worker’s compensation, benefits and more.

Stephanie wears many hats. She is responsible for managing the budgets, expenses, and schedules for the team and keeping everyone in harmony. She is the line that connects all the dots together to ensure success.

Known for her positivity, encouraging words and organization, Stephanie uses her strengths to complete the due diligence needed in managing the office, special projects, and countless other daily tasks.

Stephanie takes pride in the fact that people can count on her to finish each task, and she finds joy in making sure her team has what they need to be successful. Her work is driven by a genuine desire to make people happy.

Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in her community, reading, and traveling.

She is also a graduate of Leadership Oakland XXIII, “The Best Class Ever”.