Balancing Life Outside of Work

At Lucerne, diversity in the workplace and supporting employees has always been a top priority. Every employee has responsibilities and obligations outside of work and the company feels it is important they feel supported on and off the job.

For Melissa Crook, that means leading and growing Lucerne’s quality department, while also working the most important job of all – being a mother. Crook is passionate about the automotive industry and her growth within it, but she’s also committed to being the best mom she can be for her daughter. At Lucerne, she doesn’t have to choose between the two.

Crook, Lucerne’s newest employee, is focused on helping to grow Lucerne. But as a single mom, her daughter is always her top priority. Work-life balance is incredibly important to Crook and she currently has the ability to work from home a few days a week, allowing her more time with her daughter. To her, it is crucial to work at a job where she can both grow as an employee and be there when her child needs her. After 13 years in the automotive industry, she says she’s found that at Lucerne International.

“Being a mom and a woman in a male-dominated industry can often be a hindrance to growth. But not at Lucerne,” Crook said. “A lot of times, women are held back and lose out on promotions for being moms, but that isn’t the case here and I can already see the potential growth for myself in this company.”

Working at an automotive company ran by a woman and focused on family is the perfect fit to Crook. She’s constantly reassured by President and CEO, Mary Buchzeiger who shows how you can excel as both an active and involved mother and a business leader.

“I catch myself worrying about what will happen if I have to go to Mary and say my daughter is sick and I need to be home, but quickly realize I don’t have to worry anymore,” she said. “It’s surreal and something I’m still getting used to.”

Crook says she notices Lucerne’s commitment to diversity all around her, something she’s passionate about in and outside of work. Upon being hired, she was blown away by the company’s extensive and inclusive discrimination and harassment policy, which is distributed to all employees through the employee handbook.

Lucerne’s policy goes above and beyond any federal requirements, according to Crook, which provided reassurance that the company will protect anyone and everyone, even if they don’t have to. She can tell the company firmly believes in and stands by these statements.

“It has been incredible to work for a company that cares in and outside of work hours about ending discrimination and leveling the playing field,” Crook said.