Saying Goodbye To A Summer Of Hard Work And Learning At Lucerne

This summer, Lucerne International welcomed two engineering majors to their Auburn Hills facility. Junior Brandon Addis, 20, and graduating Senior Erich Grohs, 21, are both students at Michigan State University and as they wrap up their summers at Lucerne, they reflect on what they have learned and their overall experience

at the growing company.

“This is the perfect environment for learning, because this industry forces you to constantly be pivoting on the move.” Addis says, “The team at Lucerne encourages  us to problem solve, but are always there to fall back on with any questions.”

Erich agrees, “…The influential mentors I have had the chance to learn from, and the fact that I am getting to spend time andlearn things from all four corners of this business, have all been factors in making this an enjoyable internship and summer.”

From working directly with the plant manager, understanding warehouse production and procedures, handling incoming and outgoing shipments and ongoing involvement  with new project launches, Brandon and Erich have been extremely busy over the last few weeks.

“Things can be stressful at times but everyone has a good way of not letting it change how they work,” says Brandon, “There’s more of a family culture than a company culture. I think that’s a huge key to their success.”

Brandon and Erich  also had the opportunity to work directly with Lucerne International CEO Mary Buchzeiger, who was a huge factor in Brandon’s decision to intern with Lucerne International.

“I have done research on Lucerne International and Mary’s background, and quickly realized how incredible this opportunity would be,” Brandon says, “Mary has won various awards throughout her years of building this company…to pass this up would’ve been a huge mistake.”

Erich also learned a lot from working under Mary beyond just the automotive industry, but also important skills for success.

“[Mary] told me that she that she believes that fear of failure is the number one thing that holds people back and causes them to ultimately fail,” says Erich, “This stuck with me because it’s a simple concept…but it’s something that can be applied to almost any situation.”

Both of these interns are budding future entrepreneurs have big plans for their future.

“My dream is to own companies that offer products and services that directly solve problems in society…my goal is to expand across many industries and create job opportunities for people,” Brandon says, “There are so many innovative minds in the world, and I would love to be in a position to link the minds with the necessary resources.”

But wherever their careers take them they will always have the skills acquired from working at Lucerne International.

“My dream job is to one day either run my own company or be on an executive team as a COO,” Erich says, “Interning in an atmosphere such as this one is allowing me to learn exactly what to do when I graduate.”